Fraud Alert

Over the past few days, unknown callers claiming to be with Total Disposal and using our phone numbers (spoof calls) have been contacting people regarding credit cards.  These calls are NOT from anyone affiliated with Total Disposal or any of the Hiskes Group companies.

If this happens to you, please follow these instructions:

Call us first. If you are not sure about a phone call, please call us at 219-944-1800.

Guard your personal information. Never give personal information, including Social Security numbers and banking information, to unconfirmed sources.  As a general practice you should never give personal information over the phone to someone who contacts you.  Instead, let the caller know you will call the company back to provide the information.  Make sure you call back using a phone number that you know is associated with the company.

Know your payment options. We will never ask for a pre-paid debit card or money gram as a payment method.  Occasionally we must call our customers to update a credit card expiration date.

Please remember, the best way for Total Disposal customers to safely view and update their account, including payment information, is to visit and register for online access.


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